Please schedule an appointment to sell your clothes, shoes, and accessories Via Our Website. We buy from 12-7 Wednesday-Sunday. Please ensure your clothes are clean and in new or almost new condition. We will not buy stained or damaged designer clothing.

Our buyers will give you a quick rundown of what we are currently buying. They will look through your items piece by piece, deciding what to buy, and how much to price it for. We will pay 35%+- cash of our retail price** or 50% trade value on the spot. Buy-Outs over $150 will be given to you in a form of a check. Our decision to buy items are based on a few factors: Our inventory is very curated so we consider the season and condition of each item. We Only Buy Premium Vintage, Designer, and Japanese Streetwear. Of course some brands and designers are more desirable than others. Years of experience have taught our buyers what sells in our stores. They are carefully trained to select what is desirable to our customers and to sell it at a price that pleases both our sellers and our shoppers. We have a discerning eye but give the best prices around!

**All Prices Based on Current Market Value. Prices Vary & Can Rise or Drop Over Time**

We require a valid ID, drivers license, or passport when selling to our store.